mud volcano

mud volcano

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  • Mud volcano — A series of mud volcanoes in Gobustan, Azerbaijan …   Wikipedia

  • mud volcano — ALASKA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY GLOSSARY A mud volcano is a small volcano shaped cone of mud and clay, usually less than 1 2 m tall. These small mud volcanoes are built by a mixture of hot water and fine sediment (mud and clay) that either (1) pours… …   Glossary of volcanic terms

  • mud volcano — a vent in the earth s surface through which escaping gas and vapor issue, causing mud to boil and occasionally to overflow, forming a conical mound around the vent. [1810 20] * * *       mound of mud heaved up through overlying sediments. The… …   Universalium

  • mud volcano — noun : an orifice in the earth from which gas or vapor issues either through a pool of mud or with the ejection of mud which may accumulate in a conical mound compare air volcano …   Useful english dictionary

  • mud volcano — n. small volcano shaped temporary mound of mud that is formed by geologically excreted liquids and gases around a geyser …   English contemporary dictionary

  • mud volcano — /mʌd vɒlˈkeɪnoʊ/ (say mud vol kaynoh) noun 1. a cone of mud built up by ejection of hot water and mud from a volcanic vent. 2. a soft slurry of mud caused by an escape of gases through a layer of clay; often associated with oil deposits …   Australian-English dictionary

  • mud volcano — noun A conical structure formed by the eruption of rock fragments and wet mud along with hot gases. Syn: hervidero, macaluba …   Wiktionary

  • Hingol mud volcano — (Urdu: ہنگول ) are located in Makran District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is a mud volcano located in Hingol National Park.These are not located on the main road so you will have to consult the locals to guide you to the exact location. A landmark …   Wikipedia

  • mud-cone — mudˈ cone noun A cone formed by a mud volcano • • • Main Entry: ↑mud …   Useful english dictionary

  • Volcano — This article is about the geological feature. For other uses, see Volcano (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • mud — n. 1 wet soft earthy matter. 2 hard ground from the drying of an area of this. 3 what is worthless or polluting. Phrases and idioms: as clear as mud colloq. not at all clear. fling (or sling or throw) mud speak disparagingly or slanderously. here …   Useful english dictionary

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